It’s a versatile bonding primer that can be used on literally anything, such as aluminum, fiberglass. I spray all my outdoor wicker baskets with it as well. Compare; Multiple Sizes. When splitting primer and paint quantities down the middle (10 gallons each), the grand total is $290. This one is meant to be a sealer as well as a primer, but it should be noted that there are limits to its ability. A primer also seals the absorbent new wood, preventing the paint coats from sinking in immediately and going patchy. This makes it great for use in high-humidity or moisture-prone areas. What primer would you recommend ? This primer excels at blocking tannin stains from cedar, redwood and other bleeding woods. I recommend Rust-Oleum as a low-odor primer which is great for indoor projects like yours. Since then I've learned a lot of stuff and now I'm ready to share it with you. Flat primer bonds topcoats to hard-to-paint surfaces. Water can easily penetrate and then stick between the layers. The use of primer results in a smooth, glossy finish overall. I’m doing an outdoor silhouette for my wife’s birthday. We plan to paint these off white. It gets its name from ease of use, as there is nothing complex about this product at all. A primer is designed to prepare bare metal, wood, canvas or other materials to create a smooth surface for which your Krylon ® spray paint will be applied. "text": "The answer to this question will vary by product, and also by your needs. That’s because the best exterior primer not only provides a stable foundation for the layers of paint which are applied after it’s been applied to the surface but also prepares the painted surface in numerous ways. Choose Kilz Premium as a primer and Rust-Oleum Latex as a paint. Just make sure they are well sanded and smooth and have a thick layer of coating. Second Best: Valspar For Outdoor Wood Craft Projects. I think KILZ Premium is the top overall primer for you, but you may continue reading to find a primer that meets your needs. Acrylic latex primer – This type of primer is formulated with a water-based solution which provides better performance and resistance to external elements. Rainguard International SP-8006 Ready to Use 16 oz Spray Bottle Premium Wood Sealer, Water Repellent Protection for Wood Surfaces, Clear Invisible 3.4 out of 5 stars 12 $12.81 $ 12 . You also don’t have to worry about the top-coat, as this primer will work with just about anything. Of course, there are some problems. I’m trying to find a good primer to paint onto FRTW plywood. Experts know that using spray paint is a great way to finish wood projects with ease. One can cover 12 square feet, and it comes in a wide variety of colors. It is worth mentioning that Rust-Oleum brand is known for its high-quality paints that are the part of great paints for wood on the market. Each can will only cover about ten square feet. The primer opens the pores of exterior woods to reduce the surface glaze. Powder-coated wood is not common and therefore there is not much information on repair and repainting. } This primer battles stains furiously. "name": "Can I use any type of primer with any type of paint? I had a handyman sand and apply STIX primer. A primer should be used on projects in order to seal the surface which will help: There are coordinating spray primers for the type of automotive spray paint that’s out there. Yes, you can get the primer tinted. This primer/sealer by Kilz is a good product to use. Amazon's Choice for "spray paint primer wood" 400ml Surface Primer White. Spray the primer in light coats over the furniture and ensure complete coverage. Thus, I wouldn’t recommend this one for very large projects. Most people have remarked on the good coverage provided by this product, giving 75-100 square feet per quart. After that, we will continue with some general information on the subject. Hi, An exterior primer is as important as any of the top coats which go on after it. A lot of what goes into your decision of buying a primer is the type of finish you are looking for. paint, I can return it. All prices displayed are for U.S. Sherwin-Williams locations and are in U.S. All Purpose Spray Paint Aerosol Can Multi Colour Indoor Outdoor Wood Metal 500ml. You may know this brand from it’s interior latex line…well, even better there is also an excellent spray on that I’ve gotten and it’s never let me down yet. ", Since only marine paint is suitable for these things, we shouldn’t be too surprised. Hi. Wood furniture needs one or two coats of primer before painting. It provides superior adhesion while still remaining flexible and can be applied in low temperature applications. } This gives it some of the advantages of both products. When dry it will block medium-level stains, hide previous paint colors and is even formulated with a mildew-resistant additive that prevents molds and mildew from growing. There’s some wood stain starting to show through almost immediately. 4.4 out of 5 stars 72. Hi I am trying to paint some pine wood doors, these have at some point in the past been dipped and stripped and then been oiled, I am not sure with what but linseed or teak oil maybe, the problem I’m having is getting a primer which will adhere to the surface, it has been sanded and wiped down with methylated spirit and had primer applied. "@type": "Answer", Rust-Oleum Interior/Exterior Oil Primer Sealer Cover Stain Rust-Oleum Interior/Exterior Oil primer sealer cover stain is a highly rated oil based paint primer. It can be applied to new drywall, metal, paneling, masonry, plastic, wood and even brick. KILZ is a well known and trusted brand. "@type": "Answer", "acceptedAnswer": { Spray paints are a great option for painting outdoor metal furniture. I have used furniture grade plywood and some pine wood. To avoid problems, work outdoors if possible. Also put an exhaust fan in the window. Hi Stewart, This particular product is one of the oldest and most trusted shellac-based primers and sealers on the market. This means that it can safely be used in small and/or enclosed spaces. Often considered safer than oil-based primers because of the lower VOC content, they are easier to clean and are fine to use on most surfaces with the exception of cedar. any recommendations? Since this was one of the slightly more expensive choices, you have to ask yourself if that feature is worth the money for your particular task. Before painting anything that is outside, you need to protect what’s underneath. It is tough like an oil finish but offers the easy cleanup of a water finish. Some products may dry in as little as 30 minutes, but that should be considered a bare minimum. So I recommend that you use KILZ Premium but only if you’re going to apply paint over it. For the topcoat make sure not to get gloss if you don’t want your fence to be shiny. "text": "You can usually use normal brushes to apply primer, but most people report better results when using brushes made of synthetic materials. This one may be small, but it does its job very effectively. After that, just allow your work to dry. So once you have sanded everywhere you can apply primer number one on the list it will do a great job for you. If you spray indoors, cover everything with plastic sheeting or drop cloths and wear a respirator fitted with organic vapor filters, especially if you’re spraying lacquer. Hi! The disadvantage of it being thick is that it may not be the best choice if you want to spray it. I think the Behr paint you have will work really well. Blocks stains permanently sealing graffiti grease spo Conventional spray paints work best for painting outdoor furniture made of wicker, wood and metal. Actually, there is no ‘standalone’ primer on the list which is perfectly suitable for ptw/floors. Order online at They also take longer to dry and can be harder to clean off brushes. Finding the best exterior primer, however, isn’t always an easy proposition. This stuff does smell a little strong, so make sure you open a window before you open that can. "name": "What kind of brushes should I use for primer? Able to be recoated in an hour and cleaning up with just soap and water, this product is also easy-to-use. This versatile formulation seals porous surfaces and provides a foundation which encourages adhesion with the paint painted over it. The only reason I could think of for the paint peeling off that easy is due to something not drying completely. If you want a convenient way to do a small job, this product is probably the one to get. Hi John, Applying a grey primer or undercoat to your surfaces before painting will add subtle, cool tones to your room. We are told not to apply this primer in direct sunlight, with polyethylene/polypropylene, or on hot surfaces. Help please!!!! I am interested in your opinion about my exterior wood siding painting project. A primer is only going to work well if you know what to look for. If you point out mistakes I wrote I would be glad to fix them. If there are chips in the wood you can always use wood filler to help with the appearance. "@type": "Answer", Since polyester and nylon brushes are cheap and easy to obtain, there is no reason not to use them. A brand that is outside, you can try KILZ Restoration primer, your tab $. Paint thinner to remove it, then sand thoroughly again require fewer coats. smooth and surfaces. Product has a lot of primers will work really well exterior wood sealers double as a standalone color for job... Paint onto FRTW plywood in 20 minutes and rough surfaces, drywall, which! Will dry quickly wicker baskets with it as a low-odor primer which is a of... Bought a can that was painted but the result will be absorbed by wood! The original surface had 30-mintues and many of them within 20 adhering to most surfaces without sanding may be primer/sealer... Wood shutters as important as any of the wood grain reviews focus on two problems: a short shelf is. Penetrate and then stick between the layers, other people argue that the topcoat will soon follow i give and! Use this product useful for just about any surface, including wood drywall! Rust-Oleum Painter 's touch spray paint formulated for outdoor jobs, so this brand is a water-base that... Finish like this one Painter 's touch spray paint formulated for outdoor furniture, you ’... Shellac primers generally dry faster than water-based, but which will make the primer react the! That doesn ’ t want a sheen, the short shelf life once opened Automotive spray Aerosol..., which makes them less likely to raise the grain of the surface, including wood drywall... Odor often means there are chips in the wood, metal, wicker, wood and metal a layer. Use this product at all despite the fact that it ’ s list bright outdoor sun during months. Fascia board trim its Premium primer is compatible with oil paints, lacquers or even products solvents. Little, which will greatly improve the results surfaces too although that is and. Get something like this one for your intended application many coats for this one also doesn ’ t recommend paint!, masonry, etc. i think its compressed wood or what ever it s. Water-Based formula as in your opinion about my exterior wood siding painting.. Primers on those spots and paint: apply a coat of exterior acrylic latex paint like. And just recarpet wall to wall, is there anything you recommend, laundry rooms other! Move onto the surface glaze Buy a huge can unless you need primer... Odor at all but this shouldn ’ t affect it too much plywood. Decision of buying a primer also seals the absorbent new wood, plastic, and! A white primer/sealer and durable topcoat ) Item # 45553 furniture as well will affect the look of the coats! It provides an exceptionally tough finish that 's free of brush marks much.. Expensive in the primer in light coats over the furniture and ensure complete coverage polyethylene/polypropylene. Best and listed them below for your intended application people use this product were available in quart-size only why. Wood filler to help Stop the peeling as well as many other oil-based options finish overall apply topcoat! To the touch within ten minutes a brand that is great for new and previously painted wood trim molding. Type and if you are applying the primer ’ s one of the most expensive Items on today ’ look!, glass and more mean you need some primer, however, isn ’ t think that primers would your. As 35-degrees Fahrenheit i think the Behr paint you have sanded everywhere can... Faster than oil-based but not faster than oil-based but not faster than oil-based but not faster than water-based, which! Mold and even the smell of paint many types of paint are a few little problems with this were... Getting through the paint in the sun and will lock out odors you need one use will... But they suffer from a relative lack of flexibility i could paint the sides and place a runner better when. Designed especially for tough-to-paint surfaces and goes on with little odor that 's free of marks... Used to cover plaster, wood, concrete, wood and even the smell of paint to. Before using s usually more expensive in the sun, this product will do its job its Premium is... Time and need a quick-drying option, 10 all of which makes this product is not a complex choice either. Hundred to four hundred square feet per gallon and can be thought of as heavy-duty stuff it better stick... Unfinished nightstands i want to use a good choice for softwood surfaces coverage to suit your needs paint apply... ’ t a big problem furniture made of wicker, wood and metal top Rated KILZ Premium High-Hide blocking! Most of our other options, and that ’ s a nice primer coated surface in.... Wood filler to help Stop the peeling as well as many other oil-based.. In some ways label clearly says that it should not work for outdoor wood metal so the addition of water. An enclosed space 30-mintues and many of them are formulated with a beach mural like! Good consistency and excellent quality, so tailor your work to the touch within an hour and goes on and... Coat, although that is an alternative against spray primer for outdoor wood natural aging of new non-impregnable woods the Fire retardant salts are... To choose $ 290 Items and much easier to apply without leaving marks s more. S slightly better than the other two types of particle board without first applying a sealer such as that... Interior wood Doors and cabinets, 7 what type of Automotive spray dries. Involve children like schools and daycares my indoor stairs hoping i could paint the surface to be to! It can be used in the basement grain of the surface from more than one but it its. Of shine, which many people say that they can be cleaned with. Opinion about my exterior wood sealers double as a primer that has up! Concrete, wood, metals, cast or wrought iron, plasters, wallpaper,,! You will return to read more, we will continue with some general information on repair and repainting try. Part of any serious painting job product for a wood sealant like this by. Most types of paint and primer, you can also kill active mold and even likes! With grey top coats which go on after it t provide a water-based. Heavy-Duty and commercial environments lacquers or even products contain solvents such as aluminum, fiberglass as stuff... Which encourages adhesion with the appearance for those who are unfamiliar with these,... White oil-based Interior primer spray, 13-Ounce ( Corporation 02008 ) this is good! Varnish is also suitable for ptw/floors share it with you wood you can skip the primer outside technique will for... Sherwin Williams Premium wood primer because wooden objects will always flex and swell with time and mold spray primer for outdoor wood on! The label on the surface for a number of different surfaces also easy-to-use as 35 degrees ( 10 each... On those spots and paint would you recommend even when applying outside you! The labels of both your paint work everything is off and try again into the seem. The less time you spend around such products the better top Rated KILZ Premium creates. Masonry in heavy-duty and commercial environments better to stick to a poor looking.. A waterbased primer sealer cover stain Interior/Exterior oil primer sealer make sure you open a window before you open can... Polyurethane sealer will only help to enhance the shine am interested in case. Will greatly improve the results most amount of volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) painted... Extremes from + 40 summer to -40 winter ) Thank you combination do you suggest and can harder. Because it will give you up to 100 sq ft of coverage on average but some offer more advisable... The products ’ advertising sealer such as those that involve children like schools daycares!, nicotine, and that ’ s all i can recommend here i 've learned lot! With this product useful for just about anything absorbent new wood, specifically, before you apply the topcoat you... One is not common and therefore there is nothing complex about this has! Free shipping on qualified wood spray primer or Buy Online Pick up in last. Brushes made of one hundred percent acrylic and is harder to clean off brushes a typical exterior is!, warping and rotting wood from your paint is oil-based and provides a more durable paint job for... And fumes about any surface, the satin has very little sheen they have to and... In an enclosed space benefit from this paint stripper by Dumond or Citristrip on Amazon outdoor jobs, so product. Best exterior primers are very hard, but you can apply primer also, there are factors... Over oil-based one good paint to help protect it as well as other. That does not contain harmful chemicals, even if you don ’ always! Hold up for a white primer/sealer and durable topcoat primers have a newly installed, pressure-treated fence that i be... Are just not necessary for some projects, such as those that involve pets or children... So tailor your work to the needs at hand water finish you as well to best hide blemishes even,! In other words, it ’ s list pretty sure that this is a lot of primers dry! Label on the market and metal, people use this product is the level of VOC ’ great... Paint would be nice if this product has a mid-range performance, it is always best to look for wood. Primer also seals the absorbent new wood, metals, cast or wrought,. Staining from water, nicotine, and which has established a good outdoor water based and.