Why is it important to have a microporous or breathable coating? Joel Chabot Best to check with Sikkens on this. What is the best system for doors and windows, especially where they receive southern UV exposure? Sikkens PPG ProLuxe Cetol SRD Deck Stain Review. I don't want the wood to grey. We will probably only have time to apply one or two coats. For the best results, you have to remove the current stain if switching brands. The Rubbol Siding Finish, Rubbol Solid Stain, and Rubbol DEK can be tinted using some of the universal tints available. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Over the last 30 years I have done this for a big garage an all the siding of my house. Will the Log Pre-Treatment prevent this? I applied the stain to my deck last weekend. Log Pre-Treatment can be used on a deck for temporary protection when weather conditions will not allow the application of a Sikkens deck system (i.e., late fall). What would you recommend and what are your thoughts? We were thinking of putting on one coat of Cetol 1 and one coat of Cetol 23 Plus. Hard to say if anything will be wrong until it fully dries from the rain. The smell is vivid. You would have to strip it. 32. However, if the first coat does not have an even appearance (around knot areas, etc.) Can Sekkens deck stain be used after a water base deck stain has been used. What should I do now? Stay with the SRD. We do not recommend Cetol Door & Window for any surfaces other than doors and windows. Why should I use Cetol UV Interior for light colored wood? No, the old coating has to come off first. Recoating will not fix the issue. I have 4 more gallons of stain. What should I do to remove oil and resins on the surface of hardwoods such as Ipe or Teak? I was told that it needs to be completely stripped before a reapplication can be made. The 6 Best Deck Stain Reviews and Ratings... What is the Best Deck Stain 2020? We will probably only have time to apply one or two coats. A: SRD RE should be weathered before recoating. I thought the deck was just dirty from the winter weather. Can I apply Rubbol Solid DEK over a previously coated decks. Copyright www.deckstainhelp.com 2020 All Rights Reserved. Since i live in California , everything seems to be reformulated for VOC emissions. We have used Sikken in both clear and pigmented applications. Best to contact them for help. Cetol DEK Finish is a high performance, translucent satin finish for exterior decks. I have a feeling that they changed the product and it will not look like the first time, which was gorgeous. Nothing can go over it and work correctly. PPG ProLuxe Log and Siding Wood Finish, 1 Gallon, 077 Cedar 5.0 out of 5 stars 11. It is developing a lot of mold and mildew, and in some of the exposed areas it has weathered off. Why are you advertising a one step process; when I don’t think it is. Will it treat the new boards ok. open it up stir it well find a test board, it might be just fine, i have done it with paint or stain from two years old, When applying seekins not everyone can do it right you have to apply with stain to all four sides of the wood including under the deck to keep it from blistering and popping so the moisture does not get to it and keep it washed at least once a year to prevent the mold from growing and causing it to grow under the Finish when you use this product it requires a lot of Maintenance but it is a beautiful deck once it is done. I have some teak garden furniture and want to protect it. Extremely disappointed with this product and the thought of all the work we did on the deck last year was for nothing. To achieve a blue or green tint you need a” base” to custom tint and that meanss you will end up with an acrylic that is a semi-solid or solid color stain. We are not fans of stains that darken significantly in color. We are building a new log home in the late fall. It can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on. The Sikkens system recommended for picnic tables, wood lawn furniture, play sets, etc. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean water. These areas flashes even in field areas where there is no overlapping of material. Typically over applying is not a good idea. It looked amazing for a awhile, but when it was time to redo, I had to sand the whole deck back to raw wood. Available in a curated palette of eight wood tones. See here for the top stains: https://www.deckstainhelp.com/the-5-best-deck-stain-reviews-and-ratings/. The deck products cannot be used over the Cetol 1 and Cetol 23 Plus. All of these except SRD are 2 coat systems minimum. 2- What type of product can be applied over the sikkens? Is this a recommended system? Please refer to the Previously Coated Wood section in the Sikkens Application Guide or contact your local Sikkens dealer for assistance with removing the current product from your home. Cetol Semi-Transparent SRD. What should I do now? The high solids of the SRD stain darkened significantly. We are in desperate need. Rain, water and snow are the primary source of moisture. I replaced a few pressure treated boards that were splitting. Stained the deck today and there was no signs of rain,now it rained, what will happen? PPG Proluxe (Sikkens) Cetol SRD (Siding Railings Deck) is a high solid 1 coat wood and decking stain. Allow the solution to stand for about five minutes. It is usually white in color and appears on the surface of masonry (concrete, stucco, plaster, concrete blocks, etc.). On inspection, we noticed that the mold was embedded into the stain that was still left on the dock. Before applying acid, dampen the surface with clean water to prevent absorption into the surface. Sikkens recommends three coats of Cetol 1 on garden furniture. Applied SRD on exsisting cetol finish on veranda. How long can I wait (maximum) before applying a wood finish on a vertical surface (siding) once the preparation has been done? We have 2,500 square feet of western red cedar to be coated with the Cetol 1 and Cetol 23 Plus system. Take in consideration that wood and deck stain results may differ due to prepping procedures, different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, natural weathering, etc. One coat of Cetol 1 and two coats of Cetol 23 Plus or two coats of Cetol Log & Siding. Can Sikkens Log Pre-Treatment be used on a deck? The stain that was left on the dock had either deteriorated away or darkened in color. Sikkens SRD offers a water repellant finish that provides UV protection for siding, rails, decks, shakes, shingles, fences, docks, outdoor furniture and logs. We have a log cabin that we built about 20 years ago. When should I apply the caulking when using the Cetol 1 and Cetol 23 Plus or Cetol Log & Siding system on my log home? Others are OK. Can I use a Sikkens product to paint over the existing Sadolin on the remaining boards and the new boards or should I use Sadolin on the new areas. How do we continue and get the Satin look. 1. It didn’t last long so they pressure washed it off. Why should I use Cetol UV Interior for light colored wood? Pontiac Paint Company, 50104 Woodward Avenue, Pontiac, MI 48342, USA - 248-335-3175. Excellent for use on a variety of exterior wood surfaces such as siding, rails, decks and deck furniture. I just did this 2 days ago and it still looks good. I would like to paint my picnic table. I replaced two decking boards. We do not recommend adding any additives to the products. its a translucent finish that is applied one coat and will genarally last 12-18 months! Feeling disgusted! I’m not sure what to do now. The easy-to-use finish has excellent UV protection and allows for beautiful wood clarity. I have a contractor painting my house. Free Shipping When You Order 5 Gallon pails! Is there a problem with that? I have some teak garden furniture and want to protect it. 38. 33. The addition of the mold made the leftover stain look almost black in color. I just want to stain over the sikkens caoba (mahogany) stain I had used previously several years ago. Sikkens is disgusting . )The deck surface should have 2 feet (0,6 metre) or more clearance from the ground. When weather conditions allow for application of a Sikkens system, the deck should be prepared following the normal preparation recommendation for the Sikkens system to be used. Do I need to strip it all of and start over or can I just recoat it? Colour is OK. Is a garden hose OK? 37. 17. Can Rubbol Solid DEK be applied on a Fiberglass door? "The sun and water beat down on a … Clean, Strip, or Sand the Deck? When should I apply the caulking when using the Cetol 1 and Cetol 23 Plus or Cetol Log & Siding system on my log home? However, I am very pleased with the results. 14. I accidentally applied Cetol 1 and Cetol 23 Plus on my deck-one coat of Cetol 1 and one coat of Cetol 23 Plus. Have been using Sikkens SRD #072 Butternut for years on my deck. Same bad experience here. Worse than a waste of money!! Have had Sikkens on my deck for a little over a year with no problem. It has never peel or fade. Cetol SRD is a single coat system. What can prevent a coating from penetrating into wood? Coverage per gallons was closer to 200 feet per gallon. No, do not sand. What kind of stripper that is safe to use around shrubs and grass should I use to bring it back to its natural cedar look? The RUBBOL ® 100% UV range from Sikkens Wood Coatings offers you new possibilities to increase your Wood or PVC window manufacturing efficiency, by using instant drying solutions, leading to shorter production times to increase your capacity and generate energy savings.. What Sikkens product do you recommend? I grew up on the east coast in a boating community where this was used on boats. 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