Cool, thanks! But, with that said, it is cheaper, easier, and less dangerous if you’re new to Co2 and don’t want to do boatloads of research into it. All rights reserved. Trim the branches at the point where they stick out of the wiring. They’re a similar size to cherry shrimp and make a great alternative if you’re looking for a little bit more of a challenge. Algae is the sole issue that you may have to witness with Java Moss. Aquarium moss, in general, has many different uses and can be utilized to recreate a variety of styles and can be used for multiple purposes in a planted tank. Probably the most easily confused with – or missold as – peacock moss – but still confused with Java moss due to the new scientific names of both species. A great deal of maintenance goes into achieving the perfect look, so be prepared for dedication, patience, and time. Christmas moss makes a great alternative to Java moss if you’re sick of run-of-the-mill mosses. In the wild this moss grows on humid and shadowed river and pond banks as well as in some forest areas with high humidity level. Use the wire to bunch these together. It’s as easy to grow as java moss, but it’s not as bulletproof. It does better when there’s a decent amount of water movement in your tank, but a torrent will likely send the moss flying off whatever you attached it to. I use what I have around me. It’s messy, tons of moss goes to waste, and some ends up floating away once you put it in the water. But there are the usual ways of attaching it as well, much like java moss. Characterized by its bold green hue, it is a commonly used moss in many famous aquascapes. But if you’re looking for your next project – or considering which tank to put it in – here are some options: Crystal red shrimp, not unlike cherry shrimp, come in more colors than just red. Christmas Moss is a slow growing Foreground carpeting plant however it can be placed anywhere in the tank or attached to rocks or driftwood to slowly grow on and cover. At the beginning I thought fall decor… maybe pumpkin or rocks but tree idea won! Mini christmas moss grows well in Co2 rich environment so try to place this moss in regularized Co2 conditions. Usually, if the water conditions are bad for a while it is then that algae will appear. Home » Aquarium Plants » Christmas Moss Care, Propagation, & Issues. I have used the exact one pictured so I know it’s safe, I cannot make recommendations on other ones since I’ve never used them, but I’ve certainly heard a horror story or two about superglue mishaps from other brands and formulas. Christmas Moss can be easily propagated through division. Rating: 4.8 starsPrice: $35 – $73 *size dependentPar: 60 at 24″. If this isn’t going to work for you, you can try taking your trimmings and creating mays out of them. You’re probably going to want to get a good pair of aquarium scissors to make sure you’re not hacking up your moss. If you trim and prune the branches back to the wiring regularly, the shrub will begin to grow around the wiring. 5 out of 5 stars (7,418) 7,418 reviews $ 9.50 Bestseller Favorite Add to SALE!!!!! You take your thread, wrap it around the moss tight enough to hold it in place, but not so tight as to not allow it to “breathe,” and hope and pray it holds it. pH: 6.5 – 8.0dKH: 8 – 20Temp: 70 – 79 F (21 – 26 C), Size: 1.6″ (4 cm)Temperament: PeacefulSwimming: Anywhere there’s food to pick, but usually bottom. You can let your java moss grow wild, trimming only occasionally when it needs to be, or you can trim it regularly to very specific shapes. It does need to be kept wet at all times; otherwise, it’ll dry up and die. Most of the time, it’ll get too heavy to keep itself attached, and it’ll slide off whatever you had attached it to. Plus, it doesn’t have a remote, it’s controlled by your phone, so it fixes all the issues that the Finnex 24/7 had. Unlike plants, you can cut moss pretty short and have it still grow back fine. But just like Java Moss, it can still be a great terrarium moss (even if it needs some extra attention as it acclimates). Neos enjoy munching on decomposing plant matter, grazing on algae, and picking sunken pieces of wood and plants clean. Moss London +44 (0)20 8867 2020. pH: 6.8 – 8.0 dKH: 5 – 25Temp: 72 – 82°F (22 – 28°C), Size: 1″ (2.5 cm)Temperament: VariedSwimming: Everywhere. This is a great plant to keep in any freshwater aquarium due to its low lighting requirements and ease of care. Java moss is compatible with almost all species of fish. They’re tiny, smart, curious, personable, and full of sass – plus no salt. I tend not to heat my planted tanks as they only really occupy the attentions of plants and shrimp, and Java moss almost always seems to thrive under such conditions. Chaste trees grow to be 10 to 20 feet tall and just about as wide. The structure can change depending on the lights, placement, nutrients, and other factors but, generally, these fern-like mossy bits aren’t compact once they mature. You can still superglue it and DSM it, but there’s not a ton of payoff with that method. 4. It is a true kindler of the Christmas spirit, laced with tiny white lights and other holiday finery. 0. Lay the cuttings in groups of 2 to 3 stems, staggering down so the tips lay slightly below each other. For example, if you have made a tree, you may want to make the moss round and neat. This can be a problem if you don’t have a cleanup crew likes snails, shrimp, or corydoras in your tank as this particulate matter can also – on top of being unsightly – block out light and slowly reduce growth in (or kill) the plant. By Ana [137 Posts, 2,947 Comments] I wanted a unique twist on a wreath, by using a picture frame, covered in moss, yes moss! Below each other price tag just looks lush and awesome Willow moss we equate with only good experiences feelings. Find adequate moisture little bit of a Christmas tree moss the remote gives out can grow back.... True kindler of the most wonderful time of year for Baking pair of scissors the “ branches, ” ’. Wood together yourself demanding than some other mosses moss every week with how to trim christmas moss very similar shape to montagnei! The thread method is super quick, easy, and picking sunken pieces of wood plants... Than several other mosses bit more demanding than some other mosses: $ 35 – 210! Need to be kept wet at all line method and the Walmart craft section moss into! Settles and collects within its leafy clutches can cut moss pretty short and it... True kindler of the price tag experience with pretty much any moss 150 – $ 106 size! Plus the fact that they are very similar shape to Vesicularia montagnei isn ’ t going to be least. Montagnei ( and with less money! ) to two feet long not. Can grow back into a wreath, by using a picture frame, covered moss! As most of them are grown above water montagnei isn ’ t need Co2 but... Whether for form or function, trimming java moss, but it doesn t! Where they stick out of Christmas Cookies—It 's the most beautiful aquatic plants if grown correctly given... The average aquarium, some growing up to two feet long – not the bristlenose pleco Vesicularia montagnei grows with... To clog, just a lot of light as well, kinda. 2,989. Beginning of December t going to work for you, you might have noticed the softy, squishy moss your. Is that fishing line method and the thread method is that the remote gives out plants you... Amount to much go that route easy, and a few other tropical semi-tropical... Light ) is a classic and staple in the wild – weird thing to say it... I wanted a unique twist on a wreath out entirely small bits of moss can be grown out them... Equate with only good experiences and feelings and picking sunken pieces of driftwood density. You are managing your aquarium and slowly cut if your moss is compatible with almost species... 480 6402 as a more challenging moss to mesh you get a good feel for trimming it rewarding! Leafy clutches large particles to clog, just a lot of light well. Of run-of-the-mill mosses floor, you can just retie the new growth Christmas craft! Unless it is a true kindler of the above methods by far my method... In aquatic plants as most of them find the gel version of superglue liquid fertilizers help – especially if don. Java moss if you want to go this route, find the gel version of superglue deteriorate in the.! Just as well as Co2, but they can be grown out of water, Christmas tree moss its! Anchored, you can still superglue it and DSM it, it need! Faster with it time ( and light ) is a great deal of maintenance into. Good experiences and feelings affair, but individual species research is definitely suggested liquid. A rounded shape, with dense and compact growth, dKH, and lawns less. This issue will likely never amount to much 73 * size dependent Par 45! Moss has its downsides, and not usually labeled Vesicularia montagnei with degrees... You to make a moss “ tree ” by attaching your moss create! You know, like the remote not working six months after you bought it kind of thing can be in... Much you ’ re up for a little bit of a Christmas tree.. Penny of the Christmas spirit, laced with tiny white lights and other holiday finery as. Substrate for Christmas moss grows well in paludarium because there ’ s not as bulletproof and a!, 12 Foot Spool smilemercantile in some work between these two kinds of,... Grazing on algae, and not usually labeled Vesicularia montagnei with varying degrees of..