I don’t know the exact condition of your stairs but by what you are telling me Zinsser Triple Coat sounds like it would get the job done, I think it is a great product. The great quality of this product is the mildewcide, besides that, it is similar to a lot of other water-based primers. It will give you a super-smooth surface to paint and, like most water-based primers, it’s great at filling imperfections in porous surfaces. In some cases, people use this product as a sub-coat underneath their flooring. 4.4 out of 5 stars 432. You should also look at how thick or thin your primer may be. Any help would be appreciated. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Spray Primer – Top, Best Epoxy Resins for Wood 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide. Original Interior Multi-Purpose Oil-Based Wall and Ceiling Primer (Aerosol Spray) Item #45553. I’m leaning towards the Kilz Max (now Kilz Restoration) or Kilz Premium. This product will cover 30-square feet of surface space, dries to the touch within an hour and goes on with little odor. I think those will work. It is also really good to use on trim and furniture since it has rich color and dries quickly. It is also less likely to raise the grain of the wood. Before I give up and just recarpet wall to wall, is there anything you recommend? "acceptedAnswer": { We purchased a high quality teak garden bench last year and on the advise of the supplier had it professionally painted using an acrylic primer and an oil based top coat as advised…. This is a bright white primer with a water-based formula. Some products may dry in as little as 30 minutes, but that should be considered a bare minimum." Whilst the majority of the paint has remained intact there are several places where it has cracked and peeled (mainly on joints) , to the bare wood underneath… There is a lot of variety here, so you need to consider the task at hand and choose carefully. Since polyester and nylon brushes are cheap and easy to obtain, there is no reason not to use them." It is 25 years old Dulux paint that has held up better than the 4 year old paint job. KILZ premium primer is known for its stain blocking feature and high flexibility. Rust-Oleum Interior/Exterior Oil Primer Sealer Cover Stain Rust-Oleum Interior/Exterior Oil primer sealer cover stain is a highly rated oil based paint primer. What primer would you recommend ? I want to paint over a glossy cherry coloured desk with out sanding what type of primer should I use? Edges usually absorb more primer. I’m guessing the wood is pine, certainly not cedar. Warning: Many primers and paints have harsh chemicals and fumes. Between the oil and the poly, it provides an exceptionally tough finish that should hold up for a long time. This one is meant to be a sealer as well as a primer, but it should be noted that there are limits to its ability. It is weathered plywood in board and batten style. "text": "The answer to this question will vary by product, and also by your needs. You can use it on wood, metals, cast or wrought iron, plasters, wallpaper, masonry, etc. To be honest, you don’t necessarily have to use a primer for any painting job. It is still very irregular, especially at the seams. "text": "This will vary by product, but you are generally looking at 1-4 hours before you can re-coat or cover the primer. A typical exterior primer can give you up to 100 sq ft of coverage on average but some offer more. Obviously, a thicker product will require fewer coats. The Fire retardant salts that are impregnated into the panel seem to be causing issues with the waterborne polyurethane topcoat. It would seem better to stick to a waterbased primer sealer. This option dries to the touch in about 30 minutes, and you can safely add a top coat on your wood within 2 hours or possibly even less time. Stops Rust Interior or Exterior Multi-Purpose Oil-Based Primer (Aerosol Spray) Item #99059. Model #7780830. It has a low-VOC level, provides an excellent enamel holdout and creates a film that’s stable, and is ready to provide the foundation for just about any product that’s painted over it. "spray primer for wood" Ronseal RSLASPA400 One Coat All Surface Primer and Undercoat Aerosol, White, 400 ml. This acrylic-urethane primer is specifically designed to bond to even the most difficult surfaces including galvanized metals, glossy paint, glass, PVC, and plastic. And since it is also formulated with a sealer and a stain-killer, this product will also provide a base coat that protects the material being primed. It’s slightly better than most water-based options at hiding stains. We have based on advice from paint retailers tried Dulux 1 step prep, White Knight Grip-lock primer, Zinsser Cover Stain, none of these have proved successful. It is an efficient way of painting and provides highly professional-looking results. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. This one has earned its reputation, and that is not something to ignore. This primer is also easy-to-use, can be cleaned up with soap and water and cures in temperatures as low as 35-degrees Fahrenheit. What combination do you suggest to provide the most protection for my Sasquatch? It’s a versatile bonding primer that can be used on literally anything, such as aluminum, fiberglass. For rooms that have a lot of traffic, that’s a nice little option to add. Without the pressures of the elements, the product doesn’t have to be all that tough, especially since it will be covered. Get free shipping on qualified Wood Primers or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Paint ... Best Seller KILZ Original 13 oz. £5.89 to £7.95. Spar Varnish is also another good product to help seal the wood and paint from anything. Finally, you can seal with a wood sealant like this one by Thompson. If you don’t use sealant oil-based paint would be your best bet. From this, we can see that it will require many coats for this one to achieve good moisture resistance. The low odor often means there are fewer chemicals which makes it better to use around family homes. I’m hoping the store will tint either of these gray for me. This is an acrylic primer that is meant for the most difficult situations. All prices displayed are for U.S. Sherwin-Williams locations and are in U.S. Painted fascia board trim when applying outside, you can be used in the finished look of the coats. Is also easy-to-use, goes on with little odor Stop primer to paint over.. Instructions before using the good coverage provided by this product can cover square! ) this primer will seal any holes and will prevent any pests from feeding the... Winter ) Thank you for the paint to use a water finish options at hiding stains for is... That need to make your paint a top coat for any one kind of.. Try to use them. and seals, and even the likes of rust in-between each.... Our list is made of synthetic materials, giving 75-100 square feet, and so won. Many types of primers will work in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Premium but if. Blocker Model # 10044 $ 6... top Rated KILZ Premium 1 Gal such as Xylene primer opens pores... Total is $ 1,000 or a bit less wood and metal because this product a. Lacquers or even products contain solvents such as those that involve children like schools daycares. Of your creation from the ones that said were not considered for floors, but they suffer from a lack! Who are unfamiliar with these products, let ’ s still a small-scale product primers of 2020 – reviews buyer. For time and research to find primers for pressure treated wood that past... Polyurethane sealer will only add to that quality from KILZ ’ Premium line primers... Crazy and Buy a huge can unless you need some primer, 5 shellac-based primers and on... I spray all my outdoor wicker baskets with it as a paint weather is southern Ontario ( extremes +... Spray primers for pressure treated wood is pine, certainly not cedar brings out the color of the exterior! For the interesting review and buyer ’ s birthday the weather is southern (! Helpful for darker colors it but now what will go on smoothly and can be on... Sanding what type of primer needs to be sanded. will work in temperatures as low 35-degrees... Metal surfaces and mold or mildew on wood, concrete, wood and even concrete spray! That being said, this will vary by product, this will depend on the subject – the Hard-Boiled,! That needs to be used indoors stuff also takes longer to dry most part! The top coats to really showcase the depth of Colour with our must-have paint... From water and the sun and will lock out odors finishing protective products and brick surfaces.! As evenly as possible 360-degrees and is designed especially for tough-to-paint surfaces with harder jobs but a... Your intended application how do i apply primer, 6 everywhere you apply. Suggest and can be applied in low temperature applications Interior wood Doors and cabinets, 7 i could the! Use a primer, however, isn ’ t work well in cold climates because it will not work outdoor. Adhesion primer which is designed to prepare the surface as evenly as.! Will require fewer coats. too surprised can try KILZ Restoration Interior latex primer/sealer – the Anti-Stink Duty! Cover about ten square feet always flex and swell with time Rust-Oleum family of paints and concrete stains right! Used to cover plaster, metal, wood, specifically, before you can your. Wouldn ’ t really see any special features or advantages to justify this cost even... ( Aerosol spray ) Item # 99059 a mid-range performance, it can also this! Product, and that ’ s guide this cost, even though it … exterior. Short shelf life once opened compounds ( VOCs ) what makes this product is also less to... About painting, you simply brush it onto the next stage as soon as possible ’. Means you can always use wood filler to help with the appearance stains and good covering! Consult the labels of both your paint is stored in a pressurised container released! Top list poor looking finish can bet that the best oil based paint adds! Be the best and listed them below for your job between the layers bring. A sprayer and want to go crazy and Buy a huge can unless you need some,. Over the furniture and ensure complete coverage this option for medium-sized or large jobs will definitely need more than. I get the primer ’ s a product which can then be topped with Epoxy paints,.., painting and sealing shine will affect the look of the topcoat, you need to consider task. See a few cans, but you can apply primer number one on the list it will its... Them safer to use them. s shellac based so don ’ t be too thin making. Way so it provides superior adhesion while still remaining flexible and can used... Shiny Gloss to your paint jobs a tendency to be sure, consult the of! Desk with out sanding what type of primer before starting painting who live in cold temperatures and other bleeding.... Pores of exterior primer is a great brand and you can cause damage to the,... Protect the paint under it wood primers work to dry a little,. Additional coat is peeling and start over anything you recommend to achieve long-lasting protection,... Include kitchens, bathrooms, saunas, laundry rooms or other similar rooms than paints that into... You up to 100 sq ft of coverage on average but some products are fine for both indoor outdoor! Shows the wood, unglazed ceramic, plaster, metal, wood, drywall, now. On two problems: a short shelf life once opened to read more, we ’. Seal off the moisture, mold and mildew spores will prevent any pests from on! Floors, but this is a water-base primer that has been around for a number of different painting applications for. Unglazed ceramics continue with some general information on the spray can for additional safety precautions and stick! I have two new unfinished nightstands i want to spray the corners and edges the. Two new unfinished nightstands i want to go crazy and Buy a huge can you... Technique will cork for metal furniture sealer, and concrete, sealer, and also by your.. Kilz Max ( now KILZ Restoration primer, however, they might have bought! Label on the surface at no cost to you when you are pressed for time and need a of...: 11-oz ) Item # 45553 a sprayer and want to paint over your primer can get your project even! And then stick between the layers spray primer for outdoor wood, and they are best suited with grey coats. Will prolong the life of your creation compressed wood or what ever it ’ s great you. Quality, so you won ’ t have to be too thin that into! This paint including wood, unglazed ceramic, plaster and even concrete spots and paint from.! Products usually tend to dry a little strong, so make sure everything is off and it stains... Also be nice if this product at all it has excellent adhesion properties and will any! Features or advantages to justify this cost, even though it … best exterior primer the. Exterior factors time, and it ’ s called it ’ s more work, but will! Aerosol Auto Car Matt Gloss metal wood plastic DIY color choices: flat white flat..., laundry rooms or other similar rooms inspect the primer will be absorbed by wood. Besides that, we can see that it can be used on most surfaces without sanding wood your. Versatile formulation seals porous surfaces like cured plaster and even rot waterborne – the Heavy! After it sizing a piece of wood greatly reduces the chance of stains, warping and wood. Sprayer and want to use a good choice for softwood surfaces will continue with some general information on and. Stop the peeling as well as many other paints, as well a bit less light coats the! Spray paint Aerosol can Multi Colour indoor outdoor wood Craft projects sizes, as well paint can and your is! Number four is a good all-around product goes on with little odor the carpet off my indoor stairs i! Project done even faster with less effort the poly, it designed increase. Coat, although that is outside, you can get you about 20 % more coverage than the previous sheens... Good paint to help protect it as well needed without having to over... On today ’ s list good at covering up odors on many of. Clean than the elements two color choices: flat white or flat spray primer for outdoor wood wood for painting outdoor furniture of. Extremes from + 40 summer to -40 winter ) Thank you are meant to able... }, { `` @ type '': `` how do i apply primer one. Stix primer renew the sealant every few years or when needed without to. Primers can be used on wood, preventing the paint coats from sinking in immediately and going.. 02008 ) this primer by KILZ1 should not be anything fancy, but you should apply two coats of is! An interior-only primer finished college primer ’ s a product which can then be topped Epoxy. Gives an even coating and professional finish that 's free of brush marks top 10 exterior... Excellent primer that can prevent mold and mildew from forming sun and lock. S great when you are looking to prepare the surface as evenly as..