Light: although it tolerates considerable shade, the ficus does best in bright, sunny conditions though try to avoid direct sunlight. There are 105 ficus benjamina for sale on Etsy, and they cost $37.35 on average. Ficus benjamina - Weeping Fig, Benjamin Tree, Benjamin Fig Medium growing spreading evergreen broadleaf tree to 10-30 feet tall and about as wide. Avoid planting near walks, walls, or pools. It’s a member of the Ficus genus of plants, which also includes rubbers trees and fig fruit trees. It has multiple stems and could also be separated into two plants. Happy and healthy plant, we're just trying to clear some space. £12.99. It can be grown as a tall indoor tree with leafless braided trunks, or a tall bushy indoor plant, or even as a short pot plant. Ficus elastica / rubber plant for sale. Easy to care for - only needs watering once a week. Dimensions are approximate and include the pot. Ficus benjamina Danielle 100 cm. Does excellent in a container and is commonly used as a houseplant. I'm *not* looking for the average Home Depot sized ficus, but instead, something bigger, like what might be used in offices, malls, etc (8+ feet). £245.00 1d 11h. The most popular color? Beautifully maintained, extremely well taken care of no pests or infestations. From shop PlantVine. Beautiful large dark green leaves. The UK's Finest Selection of Ficus Bonsai Trees The Ficus is by far the easiest of all the Indoor species for bonsai and it is a true Tropical so doesn't mind a slightly warmer room than some other bonsai. Ficus benjamina for sale Ficus benjamina Variegated Kinky Weeping Fig Live Indoor Houseplant in 14cm Pot: 12.99 £ | Ficus Benjamina Indoor House Plants Evergr ... Large Ficus benjamina plant\/tree . They are approximately 1.5m tall and good healthy specimens. Ficus Breeze Bonsai Tree Large - Variegated-(ficus benjamina) Bonsai Gifts The Ficus Benjamina is an indoor tropical bonsai tree that is easy to care for. Click & Collect. Ficus benjamina Danielle also known as the 'Weeping Fig' is one of the most popular house trees available. Indoor Plant - Ficus Benjamina - Variegated Weeping Fig 1M Tall. Large – 150cm. Ficus benjamina Variegated Kinky Weeping Fig Live . Ficus Benjamina grows up to 20-40 feet tall and up to 15-20 feet wide. Click & Collect. The Ficus is an ideal potted plant that can also live on the patio in warmer months or in mild climates. Ficus Benjamina: Plant Guide. I haven't measured it but it seems about 2 or 2.5 feet tall. GD_FICKIN_VAR_14CM Ficus benjamina 'Kinky' is as with many members of the ficus genus, this plant has a great reputation with plant lovers and is always appreciated on a visual and physical level. Pot not included. I'm also interested in a high quality tree (no CostCo here), and one that does not have a braided trunk. XL Ficus Benjamina- (Live) Mature 10+ year old Rubber plant Measurements: 7ft. Dimensions: our ficus twilight is available in two sizes: Medium – 110cm Large – 150cm. Native to Asia and Australia, Ficus Benjamina puts out small cream or yellow flowers which give way to orange spherical figs. Indoor plant-Ficus Benjamina Variegata-Variegated Weeping Fig 60cm Tall- ON SALE. Grows best with 3-4 hours of high, indirect light per day, helping prevent shedding of leaves. Ficus 'Baby Ben' in 600mm Diam. I'm looking to purchase a large ficus tree (ficus benjamina) for my house. FAST & FREE. With its abundance of dark green glossy leaves it makes a very stylish houseplant. A compact, dense tree with bright emerald green foliage. Artificial Ficus Tree with Variegated Leaves and Natural Trunk, Beautiful Fake Plant for Indoor-Outdoor Home Décor-5 ft. Contactless preferred. £10 without ceramic pot £20 with ceramic pot Pick up near Newington Green. When grown indoors the Ficus benjamina tends to grow very slowly. Does well in sun or shade. Dimensions are approximate and include the pot. £29.99. Big, healthy, ready for new homes. 00 It is a strongly upright plant with weeping branches and will become large with age. Ficus benjamina 'Wintergreen', Weeping Fig (Large) PlantVine. Difficulty level: this is an easygoing plant that can be effortlessly grown indoors with some care. 4inches tall in an 18in ceramic planter. They need a minimum temperature of about 10°C or 50°F during the Winter and kept just moist. Cotta Pot. In an indoor container, the plant is slow growing but can reach a height of 12 feet. Benjamina ficus house plant complements a variety of home decor styles, from traditional to modern. Beautiful healthy Ficus tree for sale. A popular ficus plant for indoors is the Weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) with its green shiny leaves and bushy appearance. Can grow to be a large tree; The Weeping Fig has a dense, rounded canopy and gracefully drooping branches so that it can provide a good amount of shade cover! Ficus Benjamina or as it's more commonly known, the Weeping Fig, is a common indoor houseplant which comes in multiple different looks and styles. Make offer - Large Ficus Benjamina. Ficus Benjamina Exotica. Ficus Benjamina Twilight: Plant Guide. The rubber plant has a large, oval-shaped, dark-glossy green foliage and a tall structure that grows pretty well, vertically upwards to a height of 6-10 feet tall. 110cm high. Prized for its glossy variegated foliage, this beautiful ornamental tree is very adaptable in terms of light; soil and weather growing with minimal care both indoors and out in … This plant should be grown in bright indirect sunlight up to some direct sunshine from an unobstructed window. Braided Ficus Benjamina Trees or Weeping Figs are shade-loving, low light house plants that are typically grown indoors. An excellent indoor plant. Ficus microcarpa Chinese Banyan, Bizarre bonsai like fig from tropical and sub tropical areas. With its slender gray trunk topped by a profusion of glossy green leaves, the Weeping Fig remains an incredibly popular choice. Florida Trees For Sale. Ficus Robusta - Rubber Plant | Premium Houseplant for Sale | 30-40cm Potted. Fiddle Leaf Ficus Lyrata stem (overall height 1.5m-1.6m pot 27cm) £ 250.00 Read more; Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig) – Double Spiral 1.3m-1.4m pot 30cm £ 155.00 Add to basket; Pachypodium Lamerei 1.10 Pot Size 35cm £ 99.00 Read more; Ficus Ginseng (Chinese Banyan) If you encountered ficus benjamina in the wild, mostly in Asia or Australia, you could expect it to be as tall as 30 metres. In fact, most people refer to the Ficus benjamina species as just ‘ficus.’ Compared to other varieties of indoor and outdoor ficus trees, the Weeping fig has small leaves. Six to 10 feet tall!. Difficulty level: thrives well with a little extra care. Six large potted Ficus trees for sale. $150 Venmo or Paypal preferred. Ficus plants are used primarily as a houseplant or in commercial premises as office plants but ficus … 4 left. Located in Centretown but can deliver within Ottawa for $5. Ficus Tuffy. Can also be topiaried as part of the formal garden or in pots. (numbered as per pic order) 1. Botanical Name: Ficus elastica Other Names: Rubber Bush, Rubber Fig and Rubber Plant It is a delightful indoor houseplant, commonly grown in the Southeast Asian regions. £16.99. This is, however, a very different story from when it is planted outdoors. The Braided Ficus Benjamina Tree, also known as the weeping fig tree, is a shade-loving, low light house plant that is typically grown indoors. Strong help available for loading up to take. Give plenty of room if planted outdoors, roots can be invasive. A new and improved form of the popular weeping fig with shiny, bright green leaves and semi-pendulous branches. Very sad to see it go but I’m moving house and don’t have room for it. " Ficus 'Midnight' Bonsai Tree Large ficus benjamina 'midnight' b1167 New miniature cultivar of the popular ficus benjamina with very small leaves with very dark green foliage and compact growth habit. Collection from Victoria park / … Tall Topiary by Pure Garden 4.4 out of 5 stars 527 $53.00 $ 53 . Hibiscus Tree,Green,50.5" x 7" x 7"Nearly Natural 5216 6ft. Ficus (retusa) nitida - Indian Laurel Fig - 24" Box Tree $399.99 $249.00 Podocarpus Gracilior - 15 Gallon Column $129.99 $59.00 Carolina Cherry Laurel - 15 Gallon Column $129.99 $59.00 Selling a large Ficus Tineke plant, also know as a variegated rubber tree. Size ranges from 2.4m to 2.8m (inc pots) Location Swan View. Great for indoors with low moderate or high lighting conditions. It's prized most for its braided trunk and gracefully glossy leaves and grows to a mature height of about 8 to 10 feet when it's kept in a container. Ficus benjamina Variegated Kinky Weeping Fig Live Indoor Houseplant in 14cm Pot ... FAST & FREE. $200 2. Native to Southeast Asia and Australia, the Benjamina Ficus Tree, also known as the Weeping Fig, is part of the Moraceae family and wows as an indoor must-have. Our indoor version is much more compact. A stunning alternative as a formal hedge around the pool, or as a layered hedge in conjunction with Buxus or other box hedging to maintain a formal look. When it comes to ficus houseplants, most people refer to a weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) as a ficus. ... Large Ficus Benjamina. Americanlisted has classifieds in Ventura, California for home and garden, house, gorgeous gardens, practical gardening, waterwise, garden style, home styling, green garden, plants, trees, bushes, flowers, gardening tools, gardening shovel, gardening . Braided Ficus benjamina Weeping Fig Trees for Sale Online. Succulent like leaves and contorted trunk create a fascinating plant Treat like most indoor figs water when dry over the summer and don't move it from place to place $46.95 Climate: Temperate. Bonus - it’s an air purifying plant. HomeAndGarden.UK Large 6ft Variegated Ficus Benjamina Artificial Tree - 1.8m Green And Cream Foliage Weeping Fig Plant In a Pot for House, Office or Indoor Use: HomeAndGarden.UK Large 6ft Variegated Ficus Benjamina Artificial Tree - 1.8m Green And Cream Foliage Weeping Fig Plant In a Pot for House, Office or Indoor Use: Kitchen & Home Only selling bc it has literally outgrown our space. Upright growth habit produces vertical branching, creating a striking architectural accent for your home. Don’t panic that you’re going to need to smash a hole in your roof. for sale, Large, healthy Ficus Benjamina trees for sale for $75 each. Large ficus benjamina plant\/tree. Love a great deal. Show stopping piece for a hallway, corner or foyer. Above the braided trunk, this tree bears shiny leaves that droop down for an elegant effect.